Derek McCrea


Derek McCrea has been a prolific artist since 1982. He started painting
under the instruction of Jimmy Peterson and his own mother in the early
to mid 80's. He continued self study en plein air internationally
wherever he was stationed as a Infantry Soldier from 1987-2010 in Italy,
Germany, Belgium and across the USA. Since 2010 he has served as an
advisor to the military but continues to paint when he has time. Derek
paints in a whimsical impressionistic style in plein air settings.

He was born in Albany, Georgia on February 19, 1969 and presently
resides with his wife Sheila, of 26 years and his two sons.

Derek completes around 20 commissions per year for customers from
photos. His art can be found in galleries throughout the Southeastern
United States, in private collections worldwide, and in many

"Art adds a balance to my life. I am compelled by nature to emulate it's
beauty through creation. When I am at my easel nothing else matters
except the moment when I escape into the painting. When a work is going
well I am filled with a sense of peace and I naturally apply with brush
strokes to a magnificent completion."

De Luna Coffee International is pleased to have Derek's art represented on
our Breakfast Blend White Sands Coffee bag.