Daniel Mathus


As a local artist in my late 40's, I have always had a passion for art and artistic expression. I live in Pensacola, Florida and I have a great affinity for the Gulf Coast and coastal living.

My educational background includes many areas of concentration, especially liberal arts, social studies, and foreign languages. I currently hold a Bachelor of Arts degree from a private college in the New England area. Prior to this, I also completed an Associate of Arts degree in liberal arts education. My creativity centers on canvas, paint, and brushes. I have developed my craft for many years, and I continue to receive individual education and apprenticeship from my art mentor in Florida.
Having an integral relationship with my craft, I focus on becoming one with my art. That being said, when you experience one of my compositions, you will meet the artist within his craft. I strive to maintain a unique perspective of my subjects, so each piece is an original work which entails authentic sketching techniques.
My philosophy of art is simple. I hope to bring happiness, meaning, inspiration, and freedom to all those who encounter my expression. I enjoy creating art and sharing it with others. I also enjoy being part of philanthropic events such as the Arts for Aids Awareness Charity. My collection has been recognized and appreciated within many different artistic circles.
I welcome the opportunity to present a sample of my portfolio for the enjoyment of many people within local and global communities. Also, I am delighted to share my perspectives and insights regarding my compositional style.